Mozambique Energy: Gigawatt mulls US$700 million investment in power production

GigaWattThe Gigawatt power company could invest up to US$700 million in expanding electricity production in Mozambique, potentially making the country the SADC’s largest producer of energy from natural gas, according to OPais newspaper. Continue reading

Mozambique Energy: Consumers contest new price of electricity


Power prices up again in Mozambique

“Power is the blood of development, and blood has a price… That’s the only way we can afford to invest,” said the CEO of Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM). The energy tariff was aggravated and EdM says that increase is aimed at meeting the company’s production needs. Continue reading

Mozambique Energy: State power company to light up the whole country by 2030



EDM aims to light up the whole country by 2030

Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) intends to light up the whole country by 2030, a project expected to cost over US$16 billion, chairman Mateus Magala said recently. Continue reading

Mozambique Energy: Sale of power to Malawi to undergo public consultation


Power lines

The project to build a 218-kilometer line to supply power to Malawi will be subject to public consultation on 28 and 29 December in Tete province, central Mozambique, state-owned electricity company Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) said in a statement on Monday.

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Mozambique Energy: EDM makes power more expensive, seeks operational costs balance


Power Lines

Electricity becomes more expensive in Mozambique, as State-owned electricity company Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) raised electricity rates again, 10 months after the last increase. Continue reading

Africa Energy: French group to build 15MW thermal power plant in Guinea-Bissau

Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant

The French company JA Delmas will build a 15-megawatt thermal power station in Bor on the outskirts of Bissau under a contract signed recently with Guinea Bissau’s Ministry of Energy and Industry, reports ANG news agency. Continue reading

Africa Mining: Angola spends US$114 million on solar power equipment


MW Solar Power Plants

The Angolan company Aenergia, established in 2012 and a partner of the American General Electric group, has been contracted by the Angolan government to supply solar power equipment for use in remote areas of the country, per the terms of a presidential authorisation. Continue reading