Africa Mining: Angola spends US$114 million on solar power equipment


MW Solar Power Plants

The Angolan company Aenergia, established in 2012 and a partner of the American General Electric group, has been contracted by the Angolan government to supply solar power equipment for use in remote areas of the country, per the terms of a presidential authorisation. Continue reading

Global Industry: The 2017 IEA World Energy Outlook – by Tim Gould

Energy and power
Electricity Lamposts (image by Reuters)


Never before has the intersection of energy, technology and policy been more important. From China’s announcement earlier this year that the nation will spend $360 billion through 2020 on renewable power sources like solar and wind, to Indian Prime Minister Modi’s goal to electrify all villages in India by 2019, shifts in global energy markets are being felt around the world. Continue reading

Global Energy: “The geopolitics of renewable energy” – GGP


Big data can boost the transition to renewable energy sources much faster, says WSJ Energy

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The following is the executive summary of a working paper originally published by the Center on Global Energy Policy in June 2017.

For a century, the geopolitics of energy has been synonymous with the geopolitics of oil and gas. However, geopolitics and the global energy economy are both changing. The international order predominant since the end of World War II faces mounting challenges. At the same time, renewable energy is growing rapidly. Nevertheless, the geopolitics of renewable energy has received relatively little attention, especially when considering the far-reaching consequences of a global shift to renewable energy.

Mozambique Renewables: Funding guaranteed for Mocuba solar plant


MW Solar Power Plants

Funding is guaranteed for the construction of a photovoltaic power station capable of generating 40.5 megawatts of power in Mocuba district, in the central Mozambican province of Zambezia, according to a report in Monday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”. Continue reading

Mozambique Renewables: Mocuba to hold the largest sub-Saharan solar park outside South Africa

solar PV rooftop

A solar park. Illustration

The largest sub-Saharan solar energy park, excluding South Africa, for a total investment of US $ 76 million, will be born in Mozambique, one of the funders announced. Continue reading

Energy & Sustainability: World’s Energy System Not On Track To Meet Climate Goals


Denmark’s Horns Rev offshore wind farm. Wind power made up 35%of its electicity needs in 2013 (Flickr/ VattenfalL)

Barely one tenth of renewable energy technology is ready to meet long-term climate change targets as governments have failed to adequately support large-scale deployment, acoording to the report by the International Energy Agency quoted by Reuters on Tuesday. Continue reading

Energy Technology Perspectives 2017: The global energy system is changing


Decisive policy actions and market signals will be needed to drive technological development (Photograph: Getty Images)

More people are connecting to the grid as living standards improve around the world. Demand for consumer appliances and electronic devices is rising. New and innovative transportation technologies, such as electric vehicles and autonomous cars are also boosting power demand. Continue reading