Mozambique Oil & Gas: Government approves Rovuma Basin LNG maritime terminal concession


Ophir Energy O19754104913_d8927e1d1e_oThe Council of Ministers yesterday approved decrees authorizing the terms and conditions of the agreement that grants to the multinationals Anadarko and Eni the Maritime Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and the installation of Material Discharge in Areas 1 and 4 of the Rovuma Basin, district of Palma, province of Cabo Delgado. Continue reading

Global Oil & Gas: LNG developers figure on debt crisis list


Rovuma gas basin, Offshore Mozambique (image by Anadarko)

Aspiring LNG exporters Mozambique and Cyprus, plus nations like Dominican Republic, Ghana, Greece and Pakistan seeking to expand, or develop new, LNG import facilities are among the 27 countries across the world in debt crisis, according to new data released for World Debt Day May 16. Continue reading

Global Industry: Is Mozambique the next oil and gas hub?


Mozambique Rovuma basin, offshore

20 billion barrels of natural gas found off coast. Oil and gas prices have been on a steady decline over the years, creating major concerns for global leaders. But for Mozambique, there’s hope during these turbulent times as an estimated 20 billion barrels of natural gas has been found off its coast.

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LNG Markets Transformation: “A Shift from large to fragmented” – a report by GGP


Global LNG Market: a challenging enviroment for industry players

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) became a game changer in international energy portfolio. A fast-evolving transformation has been observed in the market through the last decades of development. In fact, only few years ago, most of observers and experts had expected the markets to grow in off-grid East Asian regions, whereas gas imports in general were supposed to be tight in Europe and North America. Continue reading

GLobal Oil & Gas: LNG for Africa


Floating liquefied national gas (FLNG) sector to see significant growth in both investment and activity, over the next seven years, according to a report.

The idea that Africa could become an LNG destination is not new. It has been proposed for many years in countries as far apart as South Africa, Morocco and West Africa. Sellers’ attention, though, was previously directed toward the more lucrative and larger Asian markets and traditional creditworthy buyers able to commit to a 20-year oil-indexed long-term contract. But over the past two years the global LNG market situation has radically changed.

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Gastech 2017: Global LNG market and the oversupply issue

Gastech 2017

Major Energy Company Representatives Discuss LNG Oversupply at Gastech Japan

Sellers say a supply crunch is looming. Buyers say suppliers are out of touch with the changing times.

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Africa Oil & Gas: Tanzania Drafts $30B LNG Export Project Deal


Offshore Oil rig

Tanzania’s government has prepared a draft agreement with international oil companies willing to take part in a $30-billion LNG export project, and has sent the draft for ministerial review, local media reported on Wednesday, citing a senior official at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. Continue reading